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Who to contact 


Seana SpeirsM.A., Reg. CASLPO, Reg. OSLA

eMail: seana@emergingminds.ca and Phone: (613) 850-1201

Seana is a Speech–Language Pathologist who employs a family-centred approach in her assessment and treatment for toddlers, preschool-aged, and school-aged children with phonological, language, motor-speech, and social-pragmatic delays and disorders. Seana is a Hanen-certified SLP, with an expertise in parent and educator training.

Seana works as an SLP at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the First Words Program. As well, she consults to preschool programs in the community, including the Emerging Minds preschool program for children with autism.


 Sharon Burgess, M.H.Sc. SLP,  Reg CASLPO

eMail: sharon.burgess@abcommunication.org and Phone: (613) 552-0841

Sharon is a bilingual registered speech language pathologist with almost 20 years of experience working with children, youths and adults with autism and developmental delays. She also has extensive experience working with preschool and school aged children who have speech and language difficulties and learning disabilities. She has worked in a variety of settings (schools, community and private practice) and truly enjoys working with parents to help their children improve their speech and language skills.


Dr. Robin Gaines, PhD, CC-SLP, SLP (C), CASLPO

Phone: (613) 725-3105

Robin is a Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in services for toddler, preschool and school aged children with phonological, language, and social-pragmatic delays/disorders. She develops and supervises intervention programs for young children and their families.

Robin is a Clinical Researcher and Speech/Language Pathologist with the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program in Ottawa. She also holds an adjunct professorship with the School of Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa.


Shonna Tuck, M.A. S-LP reg. CASLPO

eMail: shonna@rogers.com and phone: (613) 725-2521

Shonna is a speech-language pathologist who provides assessment and intervention for pre- school and school aged children with expressive and/or receptive language issues, speech sound difficulties (including motorspeech) and social/pragmatic issues.

Shonna has been a speech-language pathologist with the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the First Words program for many years. In addition, she is a member of the Special Education Advisory Committee for the Ottawa
Carleton District School Board where she has had the opportunity to help parents navigate and advocate for their children's special education needs within the school system.

Speech Pathology

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